APJ System

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

95% + Water Reused in Fish Production

Controlled Environment Agriculture Facilities

Year-Round Indoor Cultivation

-10 x Higher Yields/Acre Than Conventional Ag

Fully Integrated Production Systems

No Wastewater Discharges

Carbon Neutral Food Production

Solar, Wind & Biodigester Energy Production

Only OMRI Approved Materials

No GMO’s, Antibiotics, or Synthetic Chemicals


The Earth and Our Climate Are Rebelling against an Agricultural Production System increasingly dependent on Petro Chemicals, Synthetic Fertilizers, and Cancer-Causing Pesticides, in order to Feed a Burgeoning Population. Our Land & Water Resources Cannot Long Support Current Cultivation Methods.

America’s Inner Cities need sustainable

E-S-G businesses operating in their areas.

APJPlus Aquaponics Services Both Needs  


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