Personal Wand Product Specifications



Product Number: HDSJ-02S

Specifications:(Per ISO Standards)                                                                               

0.71 x 10.03 in. (18 x 255mm)                                                                                             LED Type: UVC275mm+UVA395mm - Light                                                                    Intensity: 120uW*S/cm2(2 - 5 cm)                                                                                    Input Voltage: DC5V/0,5-1A(USB interface)                                                                Product Weight: 0.13lb (60g)

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For $39, you can feel better when you travel, when you go out or when you just need some personal items sanitized. Enjoy!


Sterilization Principle:

The principle of ultraviolet disinfection is to use high energy UVC ultraviolet light which breaks the DNA and RNA double helix strands to kill bacteria and viruses. UV Light is commonly used to kill bacteria in your home drinking water. 

Power Supply Mode

This Product is powered by a USB Interface, Conventional mobile phone charger with USB Interface.can be used, convenient and included in product 


The product turns red during charging, and when fully charged turns green. Charging is recommended after frequent usage. 

Operation/Alternate Power:

The Personal Wand can also be powered through a USB connection to a computer, for example. This can be useful when cleaning keyboards and work spaces.  

*******  -  Warnings:

1) To kill viruses, slowly move the Wand across the area of usage, evenly and flat, with minimum angle. Do not hold over one area fixed, for more than 150 seconds. The closer to the area you are holding the wand, the quicker it will be disinfected..

2) ******  -   Do not point the UV Wand at the skin and eyes of human beings, animals, pets, or poultry.  


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